Companies are turning to warehouse automation to streamline processes, improve efficiency and production and reduce costs.
Warehouse automation encompasses automated technologies that promise to increase productivity by leaps and bounds.
The growth in globalization and e-commerce plus a greater demand for throughput, needs a better and more cost-effective solution to improve operational efficiency.
Bluetooth enabled inventory and asset tracking tags is that solution - as they are a fiscally feasible foundation for smart warehousing.

COMPRSA has been assisting Agri farmers and Co-op warehouses with modernisation since 1999. Our software and hardware solutions and integration assist organisations to utilize warehouse equipment and assets better and streamline their operations using Big Data.

- SFDC - Shop Floor Data Collection
- Asset Tracking
- Stock Control
- Access Control
- Zoning
- Workflow
- Legacy Software Integration
- Create the Optimal Warehouse Layout
- Define Zones For Storage
- Enforce Stocking Rules
- Audit Inventory